A place where a dream 
or a fantasy can come true.

The gallery is dedicated to children's art. It is a place where young people take on a responsible part in the curating and organization of the gallery. The artwork is displayed  in order to enrich each child's experience of  his/her own self-expression and for the purpose of offering up truths, dreams, and ideas to the community









Torrance Gallery

Saint Paul Gallery

.The primary purpose of the gallery is to build on the child's self-esteem and to engage the public in recognizing the fragile yet profound expressions children make about their lives and our world. 

We are so sad to announce that these permanent gallery locations had to be closed for insufficient funding. The good news is that we will continue to bring quality art exhibits but this time the galleries will be mobile. The exhibits will be in the neighborhoods that the artists live.


The students paint on their back as Michelangelo had to do 
in the Sistine Chapel. 

This program has the students paint in the "style" of a great artist in history. 
The finished art is on display on the ceiling at  Superclown.

Close up of Ceiling Art.


In addition to the "Master of Art" project the students did art of choice as well.



Superclown collaborates with community and social service organizations such as childcare centers and transitional housing programs. The Superclown experience improves a young person's self esteem,  and provides an opportunity for them to develop their interests and skills in art.  They may or may not become the great artists of  the future, but they will have the experience of being valued and appreciated for the ideas and imagination they bring to our classes, workshops and exhibits.

Superclown oppened its Gallery to the Women of SGI-USA where they created "Women Gatehering for Peace"
Quilt Project.