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                                                                         by David Blanco  age 12
Who was David Blanco
David was the only child of loving parents. He accomplished a great deal in his twenty five years. David excelled artistically, academically, and physically throughout his life. A year after he graduated summa cum laude from California Polytechnic University, he was killed in an automobile accident. He was a new employee with Hewlett-Packard in their San Jose offices, and was building a very successful career with them. On May 1,1993 he decided to visit his parents for the weekend. He left late at night and on the way he was killed in a car accident. At that moment the lives of David's parents were changed forever.

David's mother, Elizabeth Blanco, knew that the only thing that she could possibly do was to pour all the love she had for David into an organization that would honor his memory. One year later, The David Nathan Blanco Foundation was born. David will always be remembered as an example of Potential Fulfilled. His energy and commitment to the values he held serve as a guide for others and the focus for the efforts of all who contribute to this foundation.

Our Mission
The David Nathan Blanco Foundation was established on the belief that our society cannot flourish unless its children are raised with love and opportunity. The mission of the foundation is to support educational opportunities for young people who otherwise do not have the resources or the access.  Because of David's artistic ability and his appreciation for the creative mind, this foundation develops and supports art projects programs and individuals in the communities that want or need such programming.

Love is the cornerstone of success. Self-esteem, hope, caring and respect are built on a foundation of love. David had all of the above because he was loved by so many. All activities of this foundation have these elements in place before any program or project is approved.
Opportunity Through Education
The first five years since the foundation was born more than ten thousand dollars was raised for an endowment in David's name at California Polytechnic University. This endowment gives students the opportunity to succeed for as long as the life of the school. The endowment continues to grow every year thanks to all the wonderful people who contribute.

Opportunity Through Art Education
The Superclown Children's Art Gallery and Network. Superclown is the imaginary character created by David when he was 5 or 6 years old.  The gallery was established in January 1999 in Afton, Minnesota and is the project of its two founders, Elizabeth Blanco and Gina Jarvi.

What is changing?
An increasing number of schools are dropping art education from their curricula because of state funding reversals. It is the foundation's belief that the arts gives children and youth an important outlet for their emotional lives. To take such programming out of the public schools is a serious move in light of the increase in violent acts in schools by youth. The art gallery is a place that professionally shows children's artwork. Children's art is most often considered undeveloped by the "art world". In fact, children's art is a window into what is really going on within a child's experience.  It is not that children's art is undeveloped, but rather, children are not yet so sophisticated to have intellectual answers for what they do. Art is the work of young people and it deserves a mat, a frame and an audience.  

The gallery is also mobile. Staff go to where the education is needed and develop art shows in those communities. They try to establish collaborative relationships with galleries in the area to present the work it's children have completed. The gallery is a place that strives to make children and youth feel welcome and where they can learn and have fun. 

Your Role
Join us in working to provide opportunity. Foundation funds are used to encourage students of all ages, interests, and abilities. From special art projects to scholarships that further a young person's education, your contribution will be an important part of someone's educational success. Knowledge that benefits the individual will, in turn, benefit all of society.

                                        Help us fight for the future by fighting ignorance!